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Chez Mana, Art At Your Fingertips

Tell Your Story

 Increase the impact of your communications using our art images.  Simply fill our creative brief.


An intimate customer journey which provides security and fun is encapsulated in this work by one of our artists, for one of our B2B customers (banks) after they filled our brief.

Farhad Foroutanian

Touch Your Audience

We have a catalogue of artwork from our unique artists' community.


Our algorithm will guide you easily to the best images that touch your audience.

Kourosh Salehi

Custom Work that encapsulates your Messages

Connect with the right artists to get custom artwork tailored specifically to your needs.

Our artists' preliminary drawings will bring out the essence of your thinking.

Farhad Foroutanian

Sit Back

We manage all your interactions with artists so you don't need to worry about a thing.




Roshan Houshmand

Financial institutions are accelerating their digital transformation. They want to innovate, be more agile, and go mobile. They want to incorporate an efficient, secure, and enjoyable customer journey in their new offerings. Gemalto's event in Rome brought together 90 top executives from leading banks worldwide. We shared with the banks the types of new servies they can offer and how to better engage with their customers.


Gemalto worked with Chez Mana to license a custom image that efficiently communicates this vision of a new digital bank. The image conveys that digital technologies enable people to enjoy a fun and pleasant experience when managing their money or completing their payments in the real or virtual world.

"Gemalto Project (summary): This successful experience confirms that Chez Mana is a partner of choice to provide art to support efficient communication, as well as deliver key messages in an element, innovative, and very impactful manner."


-Xavier Larduinat, Gemalto Financial Services, Business Unit

Endorsement: The Gemalto Project

  1. Fill in your creative brief

  2. We will automatically give you images that match your description.

  3. If we can't find the right image, we can provide you with custom ones.

  4. You will review sketched provided by our artists

  5. If you like the impact of the message, the artist will complete the work and deliver it to you within a short time.

How It All Works

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