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ChezMana is a B2B media usage platform that creates impact for advertisers and marketers.

For Companies & Brands


Let us do the work

We manage all your interactions with artists so you don't need to worry about a thing.

Connect with the right artists to get custom artwork.

Our artists’ creations will bring out the essence of your thinking.

Custom images just for you

Our algorithms find unique images that touch your audience based on your goals.

Touch your audience

 Increase the impact of your communications using our art images. Fill our creative brief and get the right image.


Image licensed by our client: "A  New Vision of Digital Banks"

Tell your story

How It All Works

  1. Fill in your creative brief.

  2. We will give you images that match your description.

  3. We can also provide you with custom images.

    • You will review sketches done by our artists

    • Once approved, the artist will complete the work and deliver it to you.

Gemalto worked with ChezMana to license a custom image that efficiently communicates the following vision of a new digital bank.

Financial institutions are accelerating their digital transformation. They want to innovate, be more agile, and go mobile. They want to incorporate an efficient, secure, and enjoyable customer journey in their new offerings. Gemalto's event in Rome brought together 90 top executives from leading banks worldwide. They shared the type of new services they can offer and how to better engage with their customers.

”This successful experience confirms that ChezMana is a partner of choice to provide art to support efficient communication, as well as deliver key messages in an elegant, innovative, and very impactful manner.“


– Xavier Larduinat, Gemalto Financial Services, Business Unit

The Gemalto Project

For Creators


ChezMana creates a marketplace for your artwork. We license your art images to companies and match them to messages they want to convey to their audience.

Market your work

Chez Mana manages the commercial relationship with companies. You 
interact directly with us.


We curate your artwork with specific themes and feelings, making your images more relevant to searches.

Connect & interact

You have a platform where brands and advertising agencies can find you to work on custom projects.

Your platform

How It All Works

  1. Contact us and give us your information

  2. Submit samples of your work for review. Once images are approved they are uploaded.

  3. Our algorithms will match the right images to the messages companies are looking for.

  4. We can also match your style with businesses that require custom images.

    •  You will be able to pitch creative artwork to businesses.

    • If a client is satisfed with your pitch, you will complete the work and deliver it within a short time.

Who Is Behind It

We are a bunch of avant-garde thinkers who believe in the importance of art in everyday life.


The founder, Mana Lewis, has a  background in technology and statistics and has marketed artists in novel ways. Our machine learning experts have expertise in image recognition, affective computing and ontologies. Our UX|UI designer is experienced in broadcast and media and has an art background. Our back-end engineer has experience with video and image storage and has numerous patents. Our business developer has years of experience in partnership and technical sales.

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